Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tata Docomo Ring tones

Some how every one seems to be interested and curious in using the tata docomo ring tone. I could see lot of us searching for the ringtones. its good that tata has all ready understood this and released the ringtones, available free to download from their site

You can all have different variations of the ringtone from the link below

Available types of ringtones:
Tata Docomo Concert 20s
Tata Docomo Inspire 20s
Tata Docomo Mischief 20s
Tata Docomo Soft 20s
Raga Docomo 60s

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bombay Circus in Avadi

Once Again Bombay Circus is in AVADI, it must be fascinating for the kids. They are planning to have all their trademark events to entertain and thrill residents of avadi. They are pitching their tent in the Housing Board Ground behind the Market. Its easily accessible through road, and by train. Let us wait to get thrilled.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How to find out which is the best school in AVADI?

How do we identify and select a school as a best school in AVADI.
Fist list all the schools that can stand this selection:

1. Nazareth Matriculation Hr Sec. School
2. Rajalakshmi School.
3. Vivekananda School
4. Central School - HVF
5. Imaculate School
6. St. John's School

Please add comments with more school that can be listed out.
How do we identify the best school?
Should we conduct survey with the Kids studying?
Should we conduct survey with the teachers educating the kids?
Should we conduct survey with the parents whose kids are studying?
Should we rate based on the facilities like lab, no of classroom, no of computers, no of teachers?
Should we rate based on the educational qualification of the teachers?
Should we rate based on the upskilling training conducted for the teachers?
Should we rate based on the IQ of the students studying?

These are some of the questions which come up to my mind if I think about this?
Lot of questions to answer before we start selecting some of the schools and discuss about the best.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

How long does it take?

I was rushing to the mosque, in Kamaraj Nagar 4th Street, I wondered how long does these contractors take to close the trenches that were made to lay pipes for the underground drainage system being implemented across AVADI.

I have been seeing that for the past 3 weeks, the trenches are open eventhough the work is completed before 2 weeks. This poses risk for kids, vehicles and people who walk throught these roads.

I also wondered looking at the size of the pipes that are being burried underground, they seem to be slightly bigger that the ones used, will it be enough to handle the amount of drainage water from all the houses from the entire street? Thats the big question, hope the authorities are aware! If there is going to be issues, they will dig the road up again. Infact my street's road was just 4 to 5 months old, now we are back to stone age, no road due to this project. Guess its the side-effect of infrastructure development!

Most of the roads in Kamaraj Nagar is inside out, when can we expect it to be re-layed again????

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why Avadi? Whats special?

Every one wonders, whats so speical with AVADI. Avadi is special for its calm residential areas and lots of Goverment (Primarily Defence - National and state security) establishments.
Check this link: Selection grade Municipality